Mark has had a successful business career and a wonderful family.  He has always believed that you should give back to your community so future generations have the same opportunities to live a better life in our cities and in our state.  Many of us believe that our state and nation are at a cross roads and our future is not bright, we need to work even harder in today’s world to achieve the greatness that our cities and state deserve.  Much remains to be done and gridlock and inaction are not condusive to our future success.   These are some of the reasons Mark  ran and became a State Representative.

Mark’s Business Career:

Mark sold his business and retired in 2005.  Mark was the executive Vice President of Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing and owned the manufacturing facility with the President of Hirshfield’s Inc.

In total, Mark has started 3 major paint factories here in the Minneapolis area from scratch.  Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing started with 0 gallons per year and grew to over 1 million gallons of sales.  Mark was also found often working on the factory floor, making and filling paint, formulating paint in the lab and loading and shipping products.

Mark knows how to run a successful business and understands balance sheets, profit and loss, payroll, and sales and marketing.  SOMETHING GOVERNMENT NEEDS.

I hope I can earn your vote.  I know how to run a business and I know how to run a city.  My real life experiences in business and management have made a difference at the State Legislature.  My ability to work across the aisle in a bi-partisan manner and to achieve results have made a difference.  Our legislature needs more business people working for real life solutions and we need people that understand that we can not continue to spend money we do not have and mortgage our future and our children’s futures.  We need a lot of help over at the legislature and I believe that I can make a difference.  I would be honored to continue to serve you.   Mark

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