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Mark has used his 30+ years of business experience to promote business development and grow jobs for all Minnesotans.  Mark understands and has voted for many bills that reduce taxes and promote growth in the North Metro Area.  The 2016 Bi-Partisan tax bill provided property tax relief for small business owners and job providers.  This bill was vetoed by Governor Dayton and now waits to be taken up again in a special session.


Mark has supported education reforms to help ensure our children will be able to find jobs and compete in the 21st century economy.  Mark was the lead author on the K-12 Education bill last session that resulted in a 2% increase on the per pupil formula for Anoka-Hennepin Schools.  Without this increase, property taxes most likely would have been increased and a major reduction in teacher positions would have occurred.  Mark was the “Legislator of the Year Award Winner” from the Minnesota School Boards Association for his above work.


Mark knows that our State government has  to become leaner, smaller and more efficient. While some progress has been made, much more remains to be done. We need to live within our means.  Mark voted for the bi-partisan budget bill that limited spending and left about $800 million to address transportation and tax relief in this 2016 session. More money was added to the rainy day fund (budget reserves) in case of another downturn in the economy.


In 2014 Governor Dayton and the Democratic Controlled Legislature passed a $2.1 Billion Tax Increase.  This was the largest in state history. I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS.  We need to cut taxes and readjust our spending priorities. In 2015, we were able to pass a responsible budget where government spending did not grow faster than family budgets.

Mark voted for the 2016 Tax Bill which was the most Bi-Partisan Tax Bill passed in 30 years. With 89% of the Legislators in both the House and the Senate voting for it. Provisions in this bill included:

  •  A tax credit for up to $1,000 for college graduates paying off their student loans.
  • An expanded child tax care credit for working parents
  • Tax benefits for families who save for college
  • Property tax relief for small business owners

All of this was vetoed by Governor Dayton.


As a member of the Transportation Committee, Mark took action in 2016 to make a down payment on a long term plan that invests $6 billion in New  Money for roads and bridges over the next decade, without raising taxes!  This is accomplished through the use of the surplus in the budget. This bill included the $30 million dollars for Highway 10 expansion. It passed the House in a bipartisan manner but was derailed in the Senate due to a last minute amendment to fund light rail. This also awaits a special session which needs to be called by Governor Dayton.


Mark co-authored many Bills in the spirit of  bi-partisanship.  He worked in a effective manner with many Democrats to achieve real results.  “Gridlock is unacceptable and nothing gets done unless you are willing to work with people.”

More Jobs, low taxes, and a better life for families and their children.

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